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Welcome to JaPlanning

JaPlanning is a travel blog that aims to take the hassle out of travelling in Japan. Whether you’re a complete-and-total newbie traveller or simply a traveller who is new to Japan I’m certain you’ll find something useful here.

Navigating JaPlanning

JaPlanning’s posts are categorised exhaustively and you can use the category drop-down on the main page to find what you’re looking for.

The first third of the blog is categorised as ‘Preparing to Travel.’ Within this category you can find posts that give thorough instruction on how to do things like:

The remainder of the blog is largely categorised under ‘Our travels: experience and insights’ where you can read about our travels in Japan. This includes things like:

and other adventures. Many of these are organised into a sub-category called ‘maps and access info.’ Under this category you will find posts that detail all of the required access information plus location maps underneath the blog sign-off at the very bottom.

The only time this will vary is with some posts in the ‘Our Loss, Your Gain’ category (such as ‘Getting to Kinkakuji‘) where the purpose of the post is to tell you how to get there.

Thank you, come again!

Thanks for dropping by and make sure you have a good look around! I’m sure you will find something that can entertain, enlighten or help you in your quest to visit the magical Nippon.

Until next time,

Kally & Mon.

Kally Monique JaPlanning travel Tokyo Kyoto

We’re really very sophisticated >_>


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