About Us

Want to know a bit more about us eh? You’re the inquisitive type…

We’re two highly sophisticated ladies (cough) from Perth, Western Australia. Several months ago we stepped onto a Singapore Airlines airplane and enjoyed a whirlwind adventure in the mysterious and captivating Japan.

We had a lot of fun and had to figure out a lot of stuff along the way.

Now we’d like to share that knowledge with you.

Hopefully our wrong turns, missed trains and abandoned travel plans can point you in the right direction!

This is us:

Monique Kally JaPlanning travel adventure Japan Australia Kyoto Tokyo Shinkansen travel

Monique and Kally enjoy glasses that obscure 45% of their face
[Mnq Nlsn Photograffiti]

I’m Kally (on the right) in the sea-green glasses and in the middle of saying something undoubtedly sassy. I like lots of things but my main passions are writing, reading,dancing, and gardening. I contribute words and an obsessive-compulsive need for formatting to this blog.

Monique’s on the left, enjoying her unreasonably large chola earrings, and smiling like the cat who got the cream. Monique also likes lots of things but is passionate about music and the occasional existential crisis. Monique spent a lot of time in Japan taking photos and contributes many of the beautiful images you’ll find here.

Together we share a passion for Degrassi High, healthy eating, not-so-healthy drinking (Jager shots anyone?), coffee, makeup and share a love of and fascination with travel.

So thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay. We hope you find something useful!

Kally & Mon.

[Image Credit: Monique Nielsen]


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