A brief hiatus

Hello all!

This is a quick update to let you know that I’m taking a little break from JaPlanning over the next few weeks. I’m currently working through the blog to really tighten it’s style and am doing a little bit of rewriting from earlier and rushed posts that, I think, are a teeny bit embarrassing ;D I’m also hunting for a part-time job at the moment which takes up a lot of time.

But I will be back! I have somewhere between 7-10 ideas for future posts (one’s even a vlog!) and plenty of ideas on where to take this blog now that our trip to Japan is, sadly, over.

I’ll also be hunting for guest bloggers when I return who’ve recently been to Japan and would like to write about a favourite place or experience. Obviously I can’t pay you, but you can have your author/photographer bio featured on the site, and as many link backs to your own website as your heart desires!

More on that when I return.

So I will wish you ‘mata aimashou’ (see you again!) and not goodbye and will be back in a few weeks!

Until next time,

Kally & Mon.

[Feature Image Credit: Koichi Kamoshida]


2 thoughts on “A brief hiatus

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