And the winner is…

…no one!

Today I was supposed to announce the winner of the JaPlanning 50th post competition to win a box of genuine Kyoto yatsuhashi.

But no one entered!

I guess I overestimated how much people on the internet want free stuff.

I was thinking about what I could do instead of sending someone yatsuhashi and I decided to take the money I would’ve spent on the prize and donate it. 

This also proved to be problematic.

At first I wanted to donate to the ongoing situation at Fukushima Daiichi. There’s been a lot of misinformation roving the internet lately regarding Fukushima and the plant is still in dire need of support. So, you can imagine, I was surprised when I couldn’t find anywhere to donate!

Then I remembered my post on WAK Japan and program to preserve Machiya and decided that I’d donate to that cause. This also proved incredibly difficult. I found a government-run program for the preservation of Machiya but it’s not possible to donate online.

Ok, what else? 

Next I thought, maybe something a little more ubiquitous, such as the World Wildlife Fund. I searched ‘Japanese WWF’ and sure enough – it exists. But the options  are for ongoing donations, not one-off donations. So that’s out too.

After a bit of digging I found the Nature Conservation Society of Japan that allowed digital donation from the third-party site JustGiving Japan  and with a little help from GoogleTranslate managed to make a donation.

JaPlanning competition donation wildlife conservation Japan Tokyo Kyoto

So I’m a little sad that no one got involved with the yatsuhashi competition but glad that I was able to put the money to good use.

Until next time,

Kally & Mon.


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