JaPlanning Competition – Win delicious free stuff!

[This competition is now closed]

To all our followers and regular readers

Coming up on JaPlanning’s 50th post it occurred to me that I haven’t given a shout-out to our followers and regular readers yet – how rude – I thought! So I thought I’d set things right.

First – to all those lovely peeps out there who follow JaPlanning, who are regular readers, or who’ve commented on my blog – thank you ever so much!

I haven’t put much effort into advertising JaPlanning, except for linking the blog to a few social media profiles, so the fact that there’s just under 200 of you guys following warms my heart. ❤ ❤

Second – This post will serve as a competition page where you can become eligible to win a delicious prize! Let’s have a look at the details:


To enter the competition you must:

  1. be a JaPlanning follower
  2. leave a comment on this post
  3. tell us what your favourite Japanese food is and why. 

The answers will be judged by Monique and the winner will be announced as the 50th JaPlanning post.

Extra points will be given for creativity, so go nuts!

Some ground rules

  1. Your entry comment must be added to this post
  2. You can only enter once by adding one comment to this post
  3. If you add more than one comment your first comment will be judged as your entry
  4. You must be a follower of JaPlanning to enter
  5. The competition will remain open for 10 days and the winner will be announced on Monday the 16th of September

And the Prize?

The prize for JaPlanning’s first competition giveaway will be *drum-roll*:

A delicious box of Yatsuhashi, made fresh in Japan, and delivered straight to your door!

Don’t know what Yatsuhashi is? Keep reading!


Nama yatsuhashi Japan Kyoto JaPlanning travel

Delicious Nama Yatsuhashi

Yatsuhashi is a souvenir confectionery (‘miyagegashi’) and one of the best known regional specialties (‘meibutsu’) of Kyoto.

It’s made from a glutinous rice flour that’s mixed with sugar and cinnamon and comes in two forms: baked or raw. The baked version is crisp and crunchy, like a biscuit, while the raw version is a soft chewy delight that has a sweet centre made from bean paste.

Sounds weird right? It’s totally weird, but, it’s one of those things that grows on you.

The first yatsuhashi Monique and I tried was ‘ok’. The second was ‘pretty good’ and the third was ‘freakin’ delicious.’ Then we returned to Australia and couldn’t easily access it anymore and were both like ‘omg we need to find someone that will send us Yatsuhashi – stat!

Luckily Rakuten Global Market will send you Yatsuhashi whenever you like. ^__^

If I can find a seller that does both types of Yatsuhashi, I’ll send both. If I can’t then I’ll send a box of the nama yatsuhashi (raw) for you to enjoy.

And that’s it! May the best commenter win!

Well – go on – let us know what your favourite Japanese food is, and why, below.

And again – thanks to all our regular readers and followers. You guys are heaps good.

Until next time,

Kally & Mon.

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