Club Womb – Shibuya

Welcome again to the Our Loss, Your Gain category! The experience that we sadly had to miss was visiting Club Womb.

Womb is a Japanese nightclub located in the love-hotel district of Dogenzaka, Shibuya. It first opened in 2000 and was voted one of the top nightclubs in the world by DJMag.

It also boasts the world’s biggest mirror ball:

Womb Tokyo mirror ball nighclubs japan JaPlanning

Disco fever?

Why should I visit?

Did I mention that Club Womb boasts the world’s biggest mirror ball? ;D

If the mirror ball isn’t doing it for you, here’s some other reasons:

Firstly, from what I’ve read, Womb has a spectacular sound system and features world-class DJs who test it’s limits by playing the banging-est, bass-pumping-est music out. The music centres heavily around TechnoDrum & Bass and Electro so expect to work up a sweat dancing! Club Womb also features four different stages and a chill-out room.

Secondly, we found alcohol and food to be much cheaper in Tokyo than here in Perth. So, depending on how much a night-out is in your home town, a fun night might cost you much less than you’re used to!

Thirdly, because it was voted one of the best clubs in the entire world! Surely that’s worth a few hours of your time?

Finally, to see a different side of Japan and it’s people: when they’re busy letting their hair down and having fun!

Womb dancefloor Tokyo Japan Shibuya travel JaPlanning

Get your boogie on!

Hell yes! How do I get there?

Visiting Womb is easy as it’s just near Shibuya train station on the Yamanote line:

Club Womb Shibuya Tokyo nightlife clubbing Dogenzaka love hote district travel JaPlanning maps

Access map for Club Womb

Take the Hachiko exit at Shibuya station and follow the main road south-west past the Shibuya 109 building (NOT 109 Mens). When you reach the next major set of traffic lights turn right and you should pass a 7/11. The club will be on your left behind the Shibuya West building that’s next to an am/pm convenience store.

All up, if you don’t get lost, the trip should take you around 15 minutes. The building doesn’t look like a nightclub, so once you’re in the vicinity it might be a good idea to ask someone where it is. Or just follow the drunk people.

And remember – if you’re having too much of a good time dancing your ass off and miss the last train, Dogenzaka is the love-hotel district of Shibuya. So why not try one out? Even if you’re not there to ‘boogie,’ so to speak.

Next post: Our magical day at the Ghibli Museum

Until next time,

Kally & Mon.


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Image Credits:

[Feature Image Credit: Ashleystravel]

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[Image Credit (2): Travel Planet 24]

Have you visited Club Womb? Tell us all about it so we don’t feel so bad for missing out!

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