Booking the Ghibli Museum

Booking your tickets for the Ghibli Museum in the digital age is a little bit confusing.

To start with you can’t buy the tickets directly from the museum. Instead you’ll have to buy them from a vendor in your country that supplies them. Then there’s the fact that you can’t do any sort of booking or paying online. You either have to download a form and post it to your vendor or pick up a phone and call them.

OMG I know right!? It’s like 1995 all over again.

[I must have been looking at an old or outdated version of the JTB website because there’s an online booking form for Studio Ghibli RIGHT HERE. ENJOY!]

In all honesty ordering tickets isn’t that difficult. It just seems kind of weird and inefficient in a world where I can book my flights, hotel, travel insurance, rail passes and just about everything else online.

The price of an adult ticket is 100 Yen. That’s about $10 AUD but once you get through booking fees and, of course, postage it all comes to around $25 AUD.

The Confirmation Slip

When you receive your Ghibli envelope it won’t have any tickets in it. Instead you’ll receive this:

Ghibli confirmation slip

Thing one that you’ll need

The confirmation slip includes the all-important vendor stamp, your reservation number and the booking date. According to this slip, I’m a ‘Tour Leader.’

Go me!


The next page is your ‘Itinerary’ which basically reiterates that you want to come and visit the Ghibli Museum:

Studio Ghibli Itinerary

Thing two you’ll need

Your itinerary states that ‘you require a VOUCHER with a valid JTB stamp’ to enter the Ghibli Museum. Hence the importance of the confirmation slip. ;D

The itinerary gives you pretty much the same information as the confirmation slip except that on this page it confirms that you’ve paid to get in. The final page you’ll receive looks like this:

Mildly Threatening Information Page

Studio Ghibli Info

Thing three you kind of need

This is a lovely little colour page that mildly threatens you.

For instance:

  • If you lose your Ghibli entrance voucher – no Ghibli for you.
  • If you write on your Ghibli entrance voucher – no Ghibli for you.
  • If you arrive at Ghibli without your passport – no Ghibli for you.
  • Once you’re inside the Ghibli Museum – no photosat allever.

After all this I’m sure, like me, you’re wondering ‘what’s inside the Ghibli Museum?’ Personally I’m starting to suspect that it must be the Fountain of Youth or Entrance to Atlantis or something.

SO – why bother with all this confusion and harrassment?

Because it’s the Ghibli Museum.

Anyone who’s ever seen

or you know, pretty much anything by Hayao Miyazaki, will know how much this is going to be worth it.

Until next time,

Kally & Mon.

[Feature Image Credit: Fanpop]

What’s your favourite Studio Ghibli movie?

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