5 simple tips for booking flights

Booking flights online is one of those modern conveniences that I sometimes can’t believe actually exists.

It’s quick. It’s easy. There’s no time wasted deflecting travel agents who try to sell you shit you don’t need and you can skip the ‘booking fees.’ Most importantly, all I have to do is clickety-click-click on my computer and then I’m allowed to get on a plane and go places!

Undoubtedly, so far, booking our flights to Japan has been the easiest part of our travel planning.

Getting Started

To begin, we searched the phrase ‘Perth to Japan cheap flights’ in Google and use a third-party service (such as Adioso, Travel, Webjet, FareCompare or CheapFlights) to find the right price. These websites pull together flight offers from across the interwebz and allow you to compare to find the best deal.

After a very quick search we found the cheapest price at a time that was right on an airline we trusted and booked immediately. But that’s hardly a thrilling post so I’ll throw in some tips that I’ve been given over the years by seasoned travellers.

Just for you. ❤

But first a few pro-tips:

1. While these services are useful to compare prices don’t book through them. You’ll be hit with extra fees. Note the flight details and find it on the supplier’s website.
2. Check the airline supplier’s website before you pay. They may have better deals not listed on the third party sites.

Tips for booking your flights

1. Book your flights early

If you book your flights early you’ll probably find cheap(er) tickets. This tip is especially relevant if you’re planning to fly during peak times (i.e. Christmas, Easter, June/July). If you’re planning a trip and have just moved past the ‘hell yes we’re so doing this‘ stage, just find and book your tickets now. I mean, hey, it saves you coin and it’s crazy exciting!

2. Book your flights at the last minute

You know what’s fun? Saying one thing then immediately contradicting myself.


As any experienced traveller will tell you, you can generally pick up cheap last minute deals if you like to travel on a whim or don’t mind ‘going with the flow.’ Services such as Last Minute, Cancellations and Direct Flights can find you last minute, cost-effective deals. Just be prepared to be very flexible. To be satisfied using these services it’s better if you don’t mind when you fly or who you fly with.

3. Be mindful of the day you choose to fly

Particularly if you are flying domestic. Generally Friday afternoons, Sunday nights and Monday mornings will fill up quickly with business commuters. You’re probably more likely to find a cheap seat if you fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

4. Be flexible

Sometimes changing your day of departure or even choosing a different time of day can have a positive effect on your flight prices.

5. Sign up for pricing alerts and consider budget airlines

If you’re really searching for the best-of-the-best deals sign up for services like Yapta and consider budget airlines (i.e. those that come with no ‘extras,’ such as food or entertainment).

Happy hunting in your quest for the best deal on your own terms.

Until next time,

Kally & Mon.

[Feature Image credit: Travel Outback Australia]

What’s you’re favourite way to book flights? Have you ever gone on a holiday on a whim? Leave a comment and let us know how you found the best deals on the best (or possibly worst?) flights.

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